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The Best Short Term Business Loans Compared

Short term business loans can provide a business with a much needed cash flow boost. Best of all, short term business loans from non-bank lenders are often far easier to secure and the turn around time is much faster than which can be achieved with the big banks.

The Main Benefits of Short Term Business Loans:

Loans from $5k to $300k

flexible repayment options

Loan terms 3 to 12-Months

perfect for short-term cash flow

Fast 24-Hour Loan Approval

loan approval are fast

Minimal docs required

no need for full financials

The top 3 Types of
Short Term Business Loans

As a business owner there can be numerous reason short term cash flow may be required. There are a number of different short term business loan options available and it’s worth reviewing the key features to ensure you pick the solution that proves the best fit for your business.

Short term loan docs

An unsecured business loan can be a fantastic short term finance solution for business. With loan terms typically spanning between 3 to 12-months and a fast application process they prove to be a fast and effective solution to short term cash flow requirements.

A business line of credit facility is extremely flexible and can prove a good fit for businesses with irregular or unpredictable cash flow. With a line of credit you only pay interest on the balance you use and can access funds fast as they are required.

Invoice financing is a line of credit that puts cash flow back into your business by getting a third party (financier) to pay your outstanding invoices immediately. Essentially you’re selling your invoices at a discounted rate to a third party. Similar to a traditional line of credit, you only pay interest on the balance utilised and have funds available to you at a moments notice.

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Unsecured Loan
Comparison Table
Loan Type Benefits & Suitability
Unsecured Business Loan Facility term 3 – 12 months
Any business purpose
Top-up & early payout options
An unsecured business loan is typically repaid over an agreed period (up to 12-months). These types of loans are usually to fund a specific business task, project or for general cash flow. With this type of loan you know exactly what the repayment commitments will be and can budget accordingly.
Business Line of Credit Facility term 12 months (Revolving)
Typically used as a cash-flow facility
Line of credit with no line fees
An business line of credit helps to keep the cost associated with the lending facility low. A line of credit is a flexible form of short term finance which only incurs interest on the amount which is drawn upon.
Invoice Financing Facility term 12 months (Revolving)
Can be more affordable as you are securing the loan against your outstanding assets.
Invoice Finance (otherwise known as Factoring) allows a business to leverage the capital tied up in the invoices they have outstanding (Accounts receivable)
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How do I apply
for a Short Term Business Loan?

There are a number of short term business loan options from non-bank lenders. The advantage of securing a business loan via a non-bank lender is the application and approval provess is normally much faster.

Determine the amount you wish to borrow

only borrow what you need

Prepare any questions you have for the lender

best to come prepared!

Place your initial application online

you only need the basics

Think about what loan term will suit your needs

up to 60 for equipment

short term business loans approval
Short Term Business Loans Loans from $5,000 to $300,000

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